Ms. Sebu Mokgwe

Sebu Mokgwe is a fervent entrepreneur. She is the Founding Director of Sweet Sensations, a chocolate manufacturing company in Botswana. Sweet Sensations specialises in premium handcrafted chocolates that use sustainably sourced Indigenous Fruits found in Botswana. She has participated in entrepreneurship and business development programs to enhance her business skills. During her tenure at Sweet Sensations, her diligent, dedicated and result driven nature earned the business multiple awards which amongst them is Best Women Owned Business and Pride Mark user at the Grant Thornton Business Growth Awards and some under the Food Processing category at the 2022 Botswana Consumer Fair.
Sebu is a member of Botswana Society for the Deaf, she champions for an inclusive community and economy hence her service to the cause as the Board Treasurer of the Society. She also strives to engage with local businesses and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.